gypsum processing operation machines

  • OSHA Technical Manual (OTM) Section IV Chapter 5

    Grain processing. Noise occurs at almost every processing stage and seems to be an inherent undesirable side effect associated with the operation of most grain processing machinery (e.g. hammer mill). Other major sources of noise include exhaust ventilation equipment blowers for pneumatic transport and compressed air usage and generation.

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  • EU/List of NACE Codes

    CB.14.12Quarrying of limestone gypsum and chalk CB.14.13Quarrying of slate CB.14.20Quarrying of sand and clay CB.14.21Operation of gravel and sand pits CB.14.22Mining of clays and kaolin CB.14.30Mining of chemical and fertiliser minerals CB.14.40Production of salt CB.14.50Other mining and quarrying n.e.c.

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